Wooden Lanterns
Wooden Lanterns
Wooden Lanterns

Wooden Lanterns

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Wooden Lanterns

Add contemporary relaxing feel to your home with beautiful handmade wooden lanterns blending seamlessly with the exterior or interior. These lanterns are absolutely perfect for decorating interior or exterior of your home and garden.

Crafted from solid wood each lantern is unique and will be charming feature of your home. With stainless-steel top and protective glass for your candle this product is very sturdy and lasting.

Lanterns can be freestanding or hanging using steel handle.

Suitable for various size candles.

Size Large:

  • Height: 39 cm
  • Width: 18 cm
  • Depth: 18 cm

Size Small:

  • Height: 26 cm
  • Width: 13 cm
  • Depth: 13 cm

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