Artificial Plants for Interior Design

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Interior Artificial Plants

Plants for many of us are an important feature adding a warmth and colour to our interiors. Often caring and maintenance can become difficult due to multiple conditions. Time and knowledge of each plant in your home will be important as well as position of the plant, amount of natural light your plant is exposed to, room temperature and moisture content in the air. Each potted plant has its own requirement and often this will be impossible to create an ideal environment for all types of plants you wish to keep.

A great alternative is offered by Artificial Plants. These plants will stay green all year round, regardless of temperature, humidity or amount of light received. Potted faux plant come with an additional benefit for busy people, artificial plant does not require any maintenance. However, this may be an obvious and simple duty, it is easy to forget or over water your natural plant. With artificial plant, you don’t have to warry about any of this maintenance issues. Once your plant is unpacked after delivery, you can arrange it as you like and place in the best suited place to improve your interior design. And that’s it! Faux plant will remain evergreen, no more falling leaves, dried soil, worries about room temperature or an open window causing to much air wind.

Production technology has come long way from its beginning when it comes to artificial plants. Today silk plants offer a beautiful and realistic imitation of a real thing. Lifelike appearance is so good, you can spot the difference only up close and, in many cases, for many people not involved in gardening every day, even at close look faux plant will not be obvious for them.

An additional benefit of artificial plants over a living one, is the ability to décor your interior with types of plants that are difficult to purchase and upkeep due to our climate and their price. When it comes to artificial plants, most restrictions are removed, the limit is your own imagination.

Depending on your preference, you can arrange interior with different types of artificial plants. Most popular faux plants will be already potted. Pot will be weighted, as this will prevent unwanted tipping over and my come in decorative vase or a basic plastic pot, which will fit into a decorative pot of your choice. Potted artificial plants come in all shapes and sizes. From a small and narrow for homes, where space is a premium, to a large, wide spreading palms, where a larger space have to be filled with greenery.

Artificial plants are also available as a wall decoration. Referred often to as living walls, an artificial plant wall decoration can be arranged as a single large piece or by using multiple smaller frames, mixing and matching to create your desired look.  

For those people, confident with their floral skills, artificial branches and silk flowers are available to create own design. This design can be anything from a simple faux vase flower bunch to a more sophisticated wall or self-standing artificial floral arrangements.

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